If a member of TREC is experiencing lightning problems and requests help, TREC will send an engineer or member service representative to provide a free power quality audit (800) 332-8732 EXT 731. You can also e-mail Kevin Hand at khand@trec.coop.

Surge Protection

Any time of the year, lightening is always a major issue. Proper grounding and surge protection devices are the best defense. Click this icon if you would like to view the NEC’s Lightning Protection Requirements. We also provide the following surge protection devices for our customers.

Transcient Eliminator


Meterbase Protection

Cooper Storm Trapper


Requires wiring into service panel

PM8 Ex Power Conditioner


Expandable with Max Allpath modules

MOD AT2 Protection Module


Surge protection for telephone lines. This device adds to an existing surge such as the Max 8

Prices include 9% sales tax. All prices are subject to change without notice. For current pricing, please contact TREC Customer Service.