1. If your power goes out… Check your breakers inside and outside. 
  2. Check with your neighbors to see if their power is out as well.
  3. Call TREC (877) 456-8732.
  4. If you experience an outage outside of our regular business hours, on weekends or holidays, call our toll-free number (1-877-456-8732) to reach our outage reporting system. We have an automated outage system in place with 48 telephone lines that is used in case of a large outage. This automated outage system allows us to take more calls at one time, therefore helping you to avoid getting a busy signal in these instances. The automated outage reporting system uses Caller ID to identify you through your telephone number. For this system to work properly, you have to call the outage in from a phone number that is on your account. Our dispatcher can then use this information to send crews to work on your outage.
IN CASE OF OUTAGE CALL 1-877-456-8732.