New Connection

A $5.00 processing fee will be charged for every new connection.

Temporary Service Fee

If a new service requires a temporary service initially and permanent service later, a $25.00 temporary service fee is assessed on this account. This $25.00 fee is paid at the time of inital connection and is not refundable. If service is connected for less than 12 months, a temporary service charge of $25.00 will be assessed against the account.

Relocation Fee

A consumer moving from one location to another location on TREC's system will result in a $25.00 relocation fee. Exceptions are: If that consumer has built a "new" home on TREC, the $25.00 fee is waived.
A consumer having service cut off and then the same service cut back on will pay a $40.00 relocation fee to have service re-installed.

Delinquent Bills

Bills are considered to be delinquent 15 days after the billing date. A $5.00 penalty is charged on delinquent bills.


Accounts sent to the field to be disconnected for nonpayment are subject to a $40.00 collection fee.  If power is disconnected the account is subject to a $40.00 reconnect fee.  An additional $75.00 overtime fee is applied to the account if reconnected after 5:00 pm.  Meter Tampering Fee is $140.00 for the first time and $290.00 for the second time.

Meter Test

As a member, you have the right to request that your meter be tested if you feel that your meter is not accurate, the Cooperative will test your meter. If the meter is found to be within 2% accurate, fast or slow-the accuracy required by law, the member will pay a fee of $25.00 for having the meter tested. However, if the meter is not accurate within 2%, the Cooperative will adjust the member's acount for the three previous months according to the meter test results.

Return Checks

A $29.00 charge is applied to accounts on which a payment check is returned for insufficient funds. A notice will be mailed giving the consumer 8 days to redeem the check by cashier's check, money order, or cash. Additional charges will be made if called for by collector.