9-12-17 Morning Update On Hurricane Irma Power Restoration

As the remnants of Hurricane Irma passed through our service area yesterday, we incurred power outages in all seven counties.  At the height of the storm, we had some 7,500 people without power.  Through the day, our employees worked tirelessly through the wind and rain.  As of 5:00 A.M. this morning we estimate that we still had some 1,500 without power.  Beginning the day, we are working throughout the seven counties we serve.  Based on information we have early this morning, we anticipate restoring power to all homes able to receive service.  With that said, there are some hard to reach locations we were unable to see yesterday.  If we find severe damage as we get into these places, it will take us longer to complete restoration. 


Our men and women have worked extremely hard thus far.  This morning they left with a vigilant determination to complete the mission of power restoration.  As they were gathering materials and rushing through a meager breakfast, I overheard conversations mentioning friends and family members without power.  They take this personally, they take pride in doing their jobs well, doing their jobs safely, and working for their neighbors, family, and friends.  As you see them today, please say a special prayer for them, for other utility workers, emergency workers and those suffering loss from the storms.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to restore your electric service. 



Louie Ward

General Manager

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