COVID-19 Update 5/21/2020

Tallapoosa River Electric Cooperative is taking steps to manage the significant impact from the Coronavirus in our communities. We are focused on maintaining a healthy workforce and keeping key personnel available so that we can continue to provide the excellent service you expect from us.

We strongly encourage all members to use our digital platforms to manage your TREC account, such as the mobile app and website (  We also have various drop box locations that are listed on your electric bill.

We will continue to evaluate fees and collection on a weekly basis. Please continue to be aware of the date on your delinquent notice. We kindly request that as you can do so, remit payments or partial payments to prevent bills from accumulating as we endure this crisis.  We will continue to transact business in our billing offices but will work to limit exposure by keeping all billing personnel behind protective glass both in our lobbies and drive thru.

TREC members should be on the lookout for suspicious emails, phone calls, or persons impersonating business employees or charitable organizations.  Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of opportunities such as this when households are otherwise preoccupied.  If you get a call from someone claiming to represent TREC, and they make threats or demand immediate payment, hang up and call TREC at 1-800-332-8732.

If you find yourself not able to pay your bill by the due date, please call the office at 1-800-332-8732 to discuss your unique situation. 

Please stay safe and know that TREC will continue to operate and provide the highest quality service possible for you, the members we serve. The spread of COVID-19 may necessitate changes in how we interact, but it will not change what we do.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

To report a power outage please call 1-877-456-8732


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